SIC 2022: get to know Nucoffee's highlights during the event


The SIC 2022 (International Coffee Week) took place in between November 16th and 18th. There were rural producers, technicians, researchers, buyers, and industry representatives from all over the world, who represented the entire coffee production chain, from the professional of the field to the one who serves the beverage to the final consumer.

The event is one of the most influential on coffee production, also highly appreciated internationally. This 10th edition was strategic for debating the future of the sector, and sharing viable solutions for coffee growers.

The fair is held every year in the city of Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais (Brazil), the state which leads Brazilian coffee production. Thus, has a very significant position on promoting advances in the production of high-quality specialty coffees.

Climate and sustainability were in focus during SIC 2022, but innovations for the field and for beverage, as well as its strength to boost the segment, gained greater prominence.

The more than 160 exhibit booths present at the event were able to envision the future of coffee, by sharing technical knowledge and new technologies, in addition to discussing the ways to add value to the products.

Nucoffee's booth was very successful among so many stands with relevant proposals. Traders and investors visited our space, as well as coffee growers from different countries, all interested in knowing the new products from the portfolio and learning more about the Barter operation. Innovations and technologies for post-harvest were also presented, such as the induced fermentation and nutraceutical coffee techniques


Coffee lovers, influencers, baristas, and students were also in force at our booth, tasting the coffees and coffee pulped tea, to know the products, innovations, and opportunities that Nucoffee has to offer.

All this audience was impressed with sustainability and traceability work that the Nucoffee team develops. This fact demonstrates how the company is advanced in the theme, even in front of other global representatives. Our participation went even further. We had prominence throughout the schedule, with concrete recognition of the quality of our products.

SIC 2022: a summary

While the 10th International Coffee Week was taking place in Brazil, COP27 (27th United Nations Conference on Climate Change) was about to end in Egypt. Consequently, the theme of climate change was strongly present along the extensive corridors of booths with inventive exhibitions of coffees and technologies.

Lectures given by experts presented a wide range of alternatives to produce and market quality coffees, even under climate challenges. All to communicate technologies and tools with good results in different production contexts, as well as to connect the points of innovation diffused around the world.

As a reference in the development of Brazilian coffee, Nucoffee detached in three different moments, which will be detailed below.

1.Nucoffee lectures at SIC 2022 expand the boundaries of specialty coffees


Professors Flávio Borém and Rosane Schwan showed to the public Nucoffee's proposals, with the lecture “The new frontiers of post-harvest”, in a thematic section on agribusiness, at market intelligence room. The panel presented the benefits that nutraceutical coffee technology delivers to producers and consumers. In this way, was created the opportunity to address the importance of developing this technology in the face of the current challenges of coffee production.

The conversation also had the participation of the grower Lucas Venturim, who is a Nucoffee partner. He shared his experience in post-harvesting, with the use of nutraceutical coffee technology. In addition, Schwan also spoke about Nucoffee Artisans, highlighting the sensorial correlation obtained from different conditions in conjunction with the volatile compounds generated during fermentation.

2.Cupping with the best coffees from partner producers


 Technologies weren't only in theory. Those who wanted to taste the results could participate in the Nucoffee cupping, which made available the coffees produced from the company's innovations. Thus, buyers and other interested parties were able to try the unique result of induced fermentation and nutraceutical coffees, in addition to learning about the Nucoffee Direct program.

3.Nucoffee's quality head team wins the Brazilian Cup Tasters Championship at SIC 2022


Nucoffee quality team. From left to right: Vinicius Domingues, José Naves and Deborah Dominguito.

As we know, the public demands for high-quality coffees, and so the market values it, as well as farmers pursue improvements. This just can be possible through the serious and assertive work of professionals, indispensable to the coffee chain in the current world: classifiers.

They are responsible for evaluating the quality of the beverage in its various aspects, highlighting the main sensory characteristics, offering transparency in the results that the producer needs to add value to his product and delivering to the final consumer the sensory attributes present in each cup of coffee.

In this way, BSCA (Brazilian Coffee Association) promoted the Cup Tasters Championship during SCA 2022, aiming to honor these very influential professionals, who have a distinct role in the quality of the coffee made in Brazil and in the world.

The goal of the competition is to discover the best coffee tasters, by evaluating the ability of participants to differentiate the drinks served in cups, in a blind tasting and respecting the time limit. The competitor who has more correct answers in the selection of different coffees is considered the champion. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker is the time of the race.

Three representatives of the Nucoffee quality team participated in the Championship: José Naves, Deborah Dominguito and Vinicius Domingues. All demonstrated an excellent performance in this national stage of the championship, but Naves emerged victorious and with the mission of representing Brazil in 2023 in the World Championship that will take place in Greece.

Naves has been active in the area for 20 years. He is a coffee classifier from Nucoffee and demonstrated all his ability to taste and distinguish the quality of beverages in this league, giving even more credibility to Nucoffee's highly qualified team of evaluation and classification of specialty coffees. 


 In the words of the winner:

“Getting here, being Brazilian coffee tasting champion, was not easy. Beat 48 people who are dedicated to coffee, who love coffee, who know how to distinguish one coffee from another... We need mental and emotional balance to be in the competition. This is not just a championship, it’s a personal and a professional challenge, as it encourages us to overcome barriers and fears, making us build and shape ourselves more and more as professionals dedicated to improve coffee’s quality.”

Hence, SIC 2022 ended by raising the confidence of professionals in the sector, who dedicate their lives to boosting the quality of Brazilian coffees, and Nucoffee, once again, helps to make up the successful trajectory of Brazilian coffee production for the world to behold, showing quality, technology, and innovation.

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