Nucoffee Artisans carried out virtual cupping of coffees with controlled fermentation


The specialty coffee market has grown worldwide and Brazil is at the top of the ranking of the largest exporter. Its high quality grains are produced in suitable soil and with detailed cultivation techniques, resulting in an aromatic and exotic drink. Syngenta, through Nucoffee Artisans, is at the side of the Brazilian coffee grower in this great revolution of the coffee of the future, promoting the connection between producers and the international market.

This innovative program kicked off its 2021 program with an unprecedented live broadcast, broadcast across Eastern Europe, exploring a new connection with roasters and international experts.

The event took place in February when Nucoffee, in partnership with Unroasted, promoted the Virtual Cupping - Eastern European Connection, when it gathered a team of specialists from Europe to taste the results of the special coffees of the Nucoffee Artisans program in the 20 season / 21. Cupping is an event for tasting coffees by tasting the drink by professionals, with the aim of evaluating the quality of the beans and classifying them through a complete sensory analysis, using all the senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing and vision).

The objective was to present to the public how this Controlled Fermentation technique is capable of causing the “Shaping new cup profiles of Brazilian coffees” effect, shaping new sensory profiles of Brazilian coffees, creating new connections and opening doors for the commercialization of special beans of this project.

This was the first time that Nucoffee carried out the online cupping format, in which two laboratories were set up - one in Brazil and the other in Europe - with live comments on the samples chosen for the event.

With the realization of the event, Nucoffee Artisans won the interest of many roasters for the different profiles of coffees presented on a true shelf of flavors and aromas. Hence, the first sales to Europe were made and, soon, the shipment will be made, bringing details of how this connection with the international market took place.

In addition to the virtual cupping, Nucoffee Artisans will have other special actions, presenting how the shipment of specialty coffees, their disembarkation in destination countries and the processes necessary for the grains to be traded internationally work.

Virtual Cupping: how was the connection in Eastern Europe

The Virtual Cupping Eastern Europe Connection counted on the participation of Professor Rosane Schwan from UFLA (Federal University of Lavras), specialist in microbiology of fermentations with PhD at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), United States, and specialist in coffee quality Sílvio Leite, co-founder and current head judge of the Cup of Excellence.

At the event, participants received details about Controlled Fermentation, a technique developed by the Nucoffee Artisans program in partnership with UFLA. The initiative has achieved increasingly positive results over the years, with around 400 participating farms located in 13 different Brazilian regions, with different varieties and unique environmental characteristics. These diversities, added to the process very well implemented by the Nucoffee Artisans producers, were fundamental to the success of the program.

During the event, experts tasted and evaluated samples of special grains from Brazilian farms that used Controlled Fermentation, representative of the Nucoffee Artisans program in 2020. The dynamics of cupping passed through each sample, making a discussion about the result in the cup associated with the use of Artisans technology.

This technology, which is applied through the program, can enhance the quality of the coffee without altering the taste in an aggressive manner. The objective is to emphasize the positive points of each coffee and have very interesting results”, declared Silvio during the cupping.

Check below the characteristics of each coffee tasted during the event. 

Flavor shelf

Virtual Cupping - Eastern European Connection



Sample 1

Campo das Vertentes Region – 1.100 m of height.

Coffee easy to taste, crisp, clean and tasty to drink. Fruity aroma and fragrance and refined acidity.

Sample 2

Cerrado Mineiro Region – 950 m of height.

Coffee that brings a more lively acidity, like sparkling wine, which makes bubbles, in addition to being delicate.. 

Sample 3

Cerrado Mineiro Region– 1.050 m of height.

Very sweet and full-bodied coffee, with extra layers on top. Foam and acidity of tropical fruit and stable flavors. 

Sample 4

Southern Region of Minas – 1.000 m of height.

Balanced and exotic coffee at the same time, full-bodied and with non-dominant acidity. It leaves a good taste in the mouth, which makes it unique.

Sample 5

Campos das Vertentes Region - 1,100 m of height.

Complex and intense coffee. Floral touch on fragrance and aroma, as well as flavor. Strong acidity, versatile and with rich flavors.

Sample 6

Southern Region of Minas - 1,150 m of height.

Coffee with a fruity aroma, refined citric acidity and uniform and clean texture.

Virtual Cupping Highlights

The richness of the samples presented during the cupping showed the diversity of flavors and aromas that the Controlled Fermentation carried out by Nucoffee Artisans in 2020 could provide.

The focus is to increase this shelf, offering coffees with high and differentiated quality and creating good international connections, with the production of beans that meet the needs of this market. 

We had good evaluations in relation to the six samples, which is why I chose these coffees for our cupping. This is a basic experience about Controlled Fermentation and how we can get good coffees with different characteristics and similar profiles”, completes Silvio. 

The expert also pointed out that the experience in Eastern Europe was an introduction to the benefits that fermentation control can provide to special grains.

The experience with the six types of selected coffees showed an overview of how Nucoffee  together with its business partnerscan take top quality beans to the world in a massive way, since the expectation of production for the next harvest is about 40 thousand bags of 60 kg of Controlled Fermentation coffee.

Nucoffee: experience the coffee of the future

Nucoffee offers advanced technologies, guidelines and technical references for producers from more than 4,000 Brazilian farms looking for the best conditions for cultivation.

Through connections, the platform brings the producer closer to the foreign market, which is looking for new aromas and flavors, raising the quality of Brazilian coffee beans to ever higher levels. 

Together with Syngenta, Nucoffee guarantees full traceability, specialized platform, distribution and transparent connection, integrating Brazilian origins with international roasters.

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