Nucoffee’s technological innovations impress roasters at 4th Intertorra


The fourth edition of Intertorra took place between September 08th and 10th, in Batatais (SP). There were more than 200 participants from five different nationalities, including roasters and other professionals. The Nucoffee’s representatives made the public's eyes twinkle when they presented specialty coffees technological innovations.

One of the largest roasting events in the world, Intertorra gathers buyers, coffee shops, researchers, and producers, in addition to roasters. Therefore, the meeting is a great opportunity to present the new features recently achieved by different developers around the world and firm new partnerships.

The 2022 edition promoted several specialized lectures, which dealt with the disruptions of the sector. Two of them were given by Nucoffee representatives, which exposed the great resourcefulness and hard work that the company has been executing to increase the quality of Brazilian coffee.

4th Intertorra: behind the scenes

The three-days event stood to deliver the audience diversified information, scents, and tastes, through two principal fronts:

  • 4 sensory lectures about honeys, edible flowers, hops and cheeses;
  • 16 cupping tables with 45 different types of coffee offered by exchange visitors and ambassadors, totalizing more than 1200 tasting cups.

The experience provided a very powerful roaster-to-roaster exchange, with a complete structure to share the results of the best coffee production technologies.


Nucoffee's contribution to Intertorra 2022

Nucoffee participated in every moment of 4th Intertorra, showing all the innovations it has been working out. Dr. Mariane Rabelo, Farm Supervisor, shared her deep knowledge through the lecture on the sensory perception threshold of quaker grain presence in specialty natural coffee. Juan Gimenes, Innovation and Strategy Manager, also participated as a speaker, talking about Nucoffee Artisans technologies and nutraceutical coffees.

At a cupping table, the Nucoffee team offered the public the flavor of Nucoffee Artisans, with coffees produced by Mogiana Paulista and Minas Gerais coffee growers, as well as the nutraceutical, arabica and conilon coffees.

Nucoffee also featured an exclusive booth, presenting Pulp Iced Tea, a beverage made from yellow and red arabica, and conilon coffees. That way, it was possible to introduce the technologies that Nucoffee platform offers to producers.

In an innovative mood, 4th Intertorra was remarkable, and once again Nucoffee detached as wisdom and knowledge holder of specialty coffee matter. Visit our website and don't miss the upcoming Nucoffee initiatives!