A special day with an even more special flavor


Behind that unique smell of coffee, there are many stories. Stories written with the hard work of those who make their living from grain to grain. Stories of people who cry, smile, dream, make these dreams come true and, above all, continue to pursue their goals. These are stories made of moments shared with a coffee tree in the fields, where no one can see, but that make it all worthwhile. And everything that is worthwhile must be lived. This is why Nucoffee journey starts very early, when the plant needs care and special treatment. After all, it’s an exchange, we offer dedication and it rewards us with quality cherries. A care that, in fact, resembles our health. Just as some diseases are harmful to humans, there are pests and diseases that affect plants as well. And it is by caring for them that we receive the best they can offer as a gesture of appreciation.

For those who don't know, taking care of coffee is as good a routine as drinking it. An intense work cycle throughout the year that results in the best product for thousands of Brazilians.

But despite the hard work, there is something that fills us with hope every day: the harvest. And the best of all is to know that we are technologically prepared for when that moment arrives.

Times have changed. The tools, mostly. Agriculture has become faster and more productive. Keeping up with these changes has never been so important. This is because one thing remains the same: the demanding taste of coffee lovers. There are more of them every day, expecting differentiated flavors that only special coffee beans can provide to the most refined tastes. This is why we continue our journey experiencing different processes that lead us to surprising results, such as Controlled Fermentation. An innovative, stringent and closely controlled method, capable of improving the way coffee is processed. Our main pursuit is still to preserve, as much as possible, the quality formed at the coffee tree. But today, we can say that the coffee drink can gain new flavors and aromas after the harvest. That's where the new Controlled Fermentation technique comes in! Inspired by the revolution in the production of other fine foods that use microorganisms as a technological base, this new way of processing the freshly harvested cherries uses natural yeasts from the coffee itself. And these yeasts play an unique role: "transform coffee beans into a unique sensory experience".

So, we work hard for you to enjoy a unique taste in your cup. These are coffees with a hint of chocolate, florals, liqueur, nuts, citrus fruits and several other flavors. All of them coming from various regions of the country, in plantations that cover about 10,000 square kilometers. Regions scattered in different states such as Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Espírito Santo, Bahia and Paraná, where the environment and climate provide the ideal conditions for coffee growing. All these locations have their own characteristics, but with one thing in common: growing the best coffee.

And you may not know it, but for 150 years, about one third of all coffee in the world has been grown in Brazil. This puts us in a prominent position as the largest coffee producing and exporting country in the world, which allows us to say that we are largely responsible for the second most consumed drink in the world, after water. And that's all thanks to you, coffee grower, who helps to make this industry respected not only in Brazil, but worldwide. So, on the National Coffee Day, all we have to do is to thank you and make a toast to you.

With a nice coffee, of course!