Export: Nucoffee ships Brazilian coffee to Europe

Embarque de cafés para a Europa

Brazilian coffee growers continue to conquer the international market. With good management practices and technological innovations, we lead the ranking of the largest coffee producers and exporters in the world, with a record revenue in 2022 of US$ 9.233 billion and growth of 46.9% compared to 2021. And we continue with great potential for expansion!

To strengthen this connection with the international market, coffee producers can count on incentives that combine technical knowledge, high-performance inputs and the opening of new markets, such as Nucoffee.

Nucoffee is a Syngenta initiative that connects coffee growers and roasters through a platform that develops knowledge using the constant improvement of cultivation techniques, which result is the high quality of Brazilian coffees that have a unique sensory experience of flavors and aromas.

The quality of Brazilian coffee produced in several regions of the country with the Nucoffee partnership has opened doors to new markets internationally. And our last shipment to Royalty Coffees, bound for Europe, proves our results.

Brazilian coffee is exported to Europe through the Nucoffee Direct program

The Nucoffee Direct program continues to grow, and we have just made another successful shipment to Europe. A ship loaded with specialty coffees produced by coffee growers who are part of the project left Santos (SP) bound for the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The exported bags gathered coffees with high quality standards from many producing regions of Brazil. This new partnership between Nucoffee and Royalty Coffees showed that the quality and sustainability of the coffee produced here continues to draw the attention of the international market, generating new and good opportunities for national producers.

Four containers of specialty coffee microlots were directed just to Royalty Coffees. The main exporting regions that participated in this connection were Campo das Vertentes, Sul de Minas, Cerrado, Alta Mogiana and Canastra.

In addition to customized packaging that values coffee and its producers, the European market received a product grown with high technology through Nucoffee Artisans, with the quality and traceability of Nucoffee Direct and the impeccable work that Brazilian coffee growers carry out in the field!

Check out how was this process:

Nucoffee Direct program strengthens the connection between Brazilian coffee and the international market

With the aim of enabling innovation in coffee cultivation, but also creating transparent commercialization through traceability, a new project emerges: Nucoffee Direct.

The program seeks to stimulate and offer the necessary resources so that producers of all sizes can make their crops more productive, healthy and sustainable, with focus on conquering new markets in search of greater profitability for Brazilian coffee growers.

To make this possible, Nucoffee Direct follows four fundamental pillars:

1.    Quality

Through defined processes and good cultivation practices, coffee production within the Nucoffee Direct program undergoes a standardization that raises the quality of the beans produced to the level of the international quality standards.

With Nucoffee Artisans technology, we offer producers crop-specific yeasts for the production of induced fermentation coffees, in addition to promoting the training of coffee growers and monitoring the process.

2.      Sustainability

The crops included in the project combine agricultural techniques and high-performance inputs with sustainable practices, which collaborate to combat climate and environmental crises, preserving the environment and reducing the impacts of the production chain.

Through the Nucoffee Sustentia program, producers receive guidance and training to adopt the best agronomic, environmental and social practices, in addition to optimizing the management of the property, in order to obtain the Rainforest Alliance certification.

3.      Logistics

Optimizing the operation is essential for the producer to reduce costs and have more convenience in the processes, also impacting the conservation of grains during transport to their final destination.

Logistics excellence is one of the pillars of the Nucoffee Direct program. Therefore, we help coffee growers who are part of the project to ship their productions with operational quality, facilitating the transport of coffee until boarding.

4.      Real connection

Through full traceability of coffee produced within the project, Nucoffee Direct aims to encourage small and large coffee growers to adopt sustainable practices and innovative techniques that can increase the quality of coffee and its added value. Traceability serves as a proof of the value of the coffee produced, through which producers can be better remunerated for their productions.

In addition to offering the necessary tools for the production of specialty coffees, we focus on connecting producers to the market, creating opportunities for the sale of these products with greater profitability.

We operate in all links of the coffee production chain, committed to transparency between producers, cooperatives and roasters. We make the connection between origin and demand, with the aim of valuing coffee growers and bringing the best of Brazilian coffee to the world.

The partnership between Brazilian coffee producers and platforms as Nucoffee make Brazil global leader in coffee-growing. The innovation in our DNA is part of the routine of over 4.000 Brazilian coffee farms, delivering the best specialty coffees to the planet.

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