The good story behind a cup of coffee

the good story behind a cup of coffee

Nucoffee has in its DNA the connection between origin and demand through life experiences of each producer, bringing to the world much more than the quality of the good Brazilian grains

Nucoffee opens the doors of the world to the Brazilian coffee. The platform aims to promote greater integration within the production chain and invest in partnerships that increase the quality of our production and relationships, offering high consistency in results and opening new markets. 

Brazilian coffee has a higher quality due to the experience of our producers and the integration among coffee growers, cooperatives and roasters. Nucoffee was created to facilitate this path, born with the DNA of connecting the good stories, establishing the link between the origin and the demand. 

And the differential in this good story is in the access to advanced technologies and technical guidelines and references for more than 4 thousand Brazilian farms providing better conditions for cultivation, improvement in national production and experience of bringing the best Brazilian coffee to the world. 

This ability of the Brazilian coffee grower to produce distinctive coffees takes into account the potential of coffee trees and the best cultivation practices, creating real, lasting and sustainable connections through partnerships that allow the improvement of technologies in the field. 

Conexão Raízes: quality coffee across borders

In the lat years, Nucoffee has directly participated in the evolution of the quality of Brazilian Coffees, standardizing processes through advanced technologies in cultivation and the result is the possibility of opening new markets. 

The participation of producers and the Federation of Coffee Growers of the Cerrado Mineiro were essential for the strengthening of this region to the world, opening doors to new connections that go beyond good stories.  

And the constant search for innovation makes coffee a medium that connects these experiences from the field to the origin, often discovering that the commercial relationship goes far beyond the boundaries of buying and selling good beans. 

That is how Nucoffee “Conexão Raízes” was born, which shows great experiences behind the cup of coffee. 

Coffee grower César Jordão, from Monte Carmelo - MG (Minas Gerais), has been working with coffee culture for more than 25 years and is part of the Nucoffee platform. Through the program, César had access to an agronomic offer with highly technological and effective products from Syngenta, improving the quality of special coffee beans and increasing the productivity of his crops. 

With this, his product has conquered an important consumer market in Europe: Poland.  

The interesting connection in this story is that the ancestors of the Jordão family came from Poland and the Austrian Partition from Polish and Ukrainian territory to Brazil at the beginning of the 20th century. César Jordão is the grandson of João Jordão and Ana Felipe Jordão, who were born in Poland but probably emigrated to Brazil for fear of political persecution. 

"We don't know the original Polish family names of my grandparents, because this subject has always been considered a taboo among the elders”, explains César. 

Mario Jordão, Caesar's father, moved with his wife and children in the 50's to the city of Rolândia, in the state of Paraná, and acquired his own coffee farm in the 60's. However, a devastating frost in 1975 ended many coffee farms in the region, leaving the area unproductive for years. 

During this period Mario had acquired a property in the Cerrado Mineiro and the Jordão family migrated the entire coffee plantation to this region in 1981. César graduated in agronomic engineering and from 1994 he joined the family who, through hard work and dedication in the coffee cultivation, developed new techniques and improved more and more in the production of good grains.

César is a respected producer and the whole production system on the farms is coordinated and planned by him - from the beginning of flowering to fruit ripening -, thus identifying and meeting the needs of each lot. 

He integrates Nucoffee Artisans, a program in partnership with UFLA (Federal University of Lavras) that brings a new technique called “controlled fermentation” into the farms of partner producers with the goal of not only increasing the quality but also expanding the flavors and scents.

The initiative recognized has achieved increasingly positive results over the years, raising the score on the scale of special grains. 

"With Nucoffee Artisans, we had the opportunity to improve our cultivation of special coffees and this connects us in some way with our origin, because the market we conquered for this product was precisely Poland, where my family came from. Coffee gives us moments like this, showing that the values acquired in the field go far beyond commercial issues, they are stories that we take into life!”, explains César. 

Nucoffee is proud to integrate producers who make a difference both in and out of the field. César continues the connection that goes beyond the borders of the country and learns day by day that dedication and love for the crop are fundamental tools for the success of a good coffee harvest.

Flavor, quality and recognition are among the adjectives of the producers who participate in Nucoffee projects. 

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