Traceability is no longer just a worldwide trend. It is a reality and also a support tool for the producer in search of differentiation and integration in the coffee production chain.
It is for this reason that NUCOFFEE promotes traceability of the production of coffee and works arduously to connect all parts of the commerce chain, from the plant to the cup. NUCOFFEE traceability platform is available on the internet and is provided exclusively and without costs to all producers part of the program.

And you can utilize it not only for the lots that will be traded for Syngenta inputs, but for your entire production, helping you during commercialization. You will be able to demonstrate best practices to coffee shops and supermarkets. You will also be able to use it to ease your certification admission. In addition, NUCOFFEE aggregates services to traceability, helping you better monitor your farming and to have more precise control over the individual processing of coffee, lot by lot.

It is through traceability that commercialized coffees in the program take their history to the roasters around the world, creating integration, demonstrating best practices and generating new opportunities for commercialization.