Roasters Traceability

Through our proprietary web-based tracking system, we provide the origin of each commercialized lot and information about the history of the producer and of the farm.

This content can easily be shared with consumers through a QR code which our system will create for you.

The postharvest stages are mapped, giving visibility to the processes that brought quality improvement. Through traceability, these processes can be analyzed with greater clarity and replicated in a consistent manner throughout a greater part of production. You will be able to interact with the producers, supporting them in these improvements and also taking advantage of this information to tell your consumer the whole story about how these lots were produced.

The system also maintains registries of the cultivation stage of the coffee for increased compliance with exporting and food safety protocols, creating reports detailing all applications at the crop, plot by plot.

Nucoffee has over 1,500 farms registered on its traceability platform, creating a true community oriented towards the cultivation of specialty coffees. With just a few clicks, this ever-expanding universe of farms will be at your reach, anytime, anywhere.