Roasters Support

Whether you need micro-lots or macro-lots, Nucoffee gives you connections, systems and support every step of the way. Our goal is to continually add value while easing the process of buying Brazilian.

There is an ever-growing, global demand for high-quality coffee. Nucoffee is the conduit to this coffee connection.  We help producers with evolving standards so you get only the best from Brazil. 

Our goal is to suppport your business growth while continually gaining a deeper understanding and excitement for Brazilian coffee. 

We do this by helping producers grow and process the green beans that meet your every need.  They have access to technology for crop protection, paying with a small portion of their coffee, which is then commercialized through the Nucoffee program. Producers receive advanced premiums which can be increased, transparently, taking into account the best practices and quality of the coffee delivered.

Beyond producing more and adding value to the coffee, Nucoffee goes even further, promoting systemic development through training for quality, courses, programs for farm management, optimization in postharvest processes, technology, traceability, and over 20 services customized for the producers. The program encourages and gives producers the conditions to focus on quality, segmenting their lots and micro-lots to better meet market demand.

Summing up all of these benefits, the Nucoffee program returns a potential of up to 70% greater profitability to the producer.  And keeping them happy keeps your business happy and renowned Brazilian coffee reliably available for your future growth.