Record productivity

18/19: Record productivity and quality

Favorable climate conditions throughout the production cycle and the higher adoption of post-harvest good practices by Brazilian coffee growers, contributes towards what we could call record productivity and quality of the Brazilian 18/19 Harvest.

In 1946, Frank Sinatra recorded “The Coffee Song”. The song talks about the amazing amount of coffee that exists in Brazil. He talks about consumption habits and the ability that Brazilians have to produce the beans that make coffee. The classic song is from one of the most popular and influential artists of the 20th century and reveals a portrait of a Brazil that can still be seen today: passionate about coffee and one of the largest producers in the world.

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It’s in the numbers. Currently, the Brazilian coffee harvest is the largest in history, estimated at 59,9 million of 60kg-sacks, according to the National Supply Company (Conab). 

Not only did the production increase, growers’ interest in pursuing solutions that impact quality improvements, have also been increasing the percentage of special beans. The harvest that’s ending can also be considered a record in quality.

Therefore, end users win, as they are awarded with new flavors and aromas.