Innovation: Controlled Fermentation

Whether you are looking for long-term consistency in your favorite blend or an exclusive profile from a single source, the Nucoffee controlled fermentation project brings exciting news for roasters worldwide.

Brazil is the major producer and coffee exporter in the world. The Brazilian coffee plantations are distributed in several biomes with different climates and soils.

In the last 10 years, the Brazilian coffee quality has undergone a great evolution, thanks to the improvement of the post-harvest processes. It is also increasing the numbers of Brazilian coffee producers committed in the preservation of the maximum potential quality of their coffee trees.

Today, the Brazilian coffee producers are prepared to advance in quality improvement of coffee through new post-harvest technologies, including the use of Controlled Fermentation.

How it Works

Fermentation is a biochemical process in which microorganisms consume substrates based on carbohydrates, producing energy, gases and many other compounds. When you define the right microorganism and the correct process (temperature, time, concentration of sugar on pulp, weather, etc.), then you get positive fermentation. This process also softens the beverage by reducing the amount of caffeine and chlorogenic acids, and forming organic acids that modulate the sensory attributes. During the fermentation process, physical chemical changes occur in the coffee bean and the formation of new aroma and flavor precursor compounds.

In coffee fruit, this process can be developed naturally or through controlled techniques, such as the inoculation of selected microorganisms, capable of transforming the coffee chemistry, generating new precursors of flavor and aroma. Because of the level of managed-consistency and sustainability this give the production process, we believe this will be the “coffee of the future".

Bringing the Coffee of the Future to Market

As demand increases globally for very unique, specific flavor and terroir profiles, this process allows for the production of specific qualities that roasters are looking for. And it allows Nucoffee the ability to create and deliver these exclusive offerings for the foreseeable future.