For Growers

Every coffee has a story. Nucoffee knows the joy the producer feels after seeing their coffee laid out at markets or coffee shops, with the names of the farm and producer highlighted to consumers.

The Nucoffee program will be by your side, supporting you at each stage of the production and commercial chains, taking your history, your family’s and farm’s traditions to the most important markets of specialty coffees. Come be a part of Nucoffee.

How it Works

Everything begins with a barter offer-- the exchange of coffee for crop inputs -- by Syngenta in which your coffee will be valued distinctly and transparently, taking into account the potential quality and best practices of cultivation. It’s this simple. In addition, you will have access to solutions by Syngenta to grow your production with better quality. Beyond this, you will have access to a platform of personalized traceability and special services that will help you to evolve even more, with quality. The coffee exchanged is exported by the program with its origin preserved and traceability. This way Nucoffee connects the points in the commercial chain, creating real and sustainable partnerships.