Became a Partner

The NUCOFFEE program is tailored to cooperatives that strive for recognition in the national and international markets, standing out as suppliers of highly distinguished coffees.

Beyond the barter program-- the exchange of coffee for crop inputs, NUCOFFEE offers customized services that the cooperatives can extend to all of their members. By taking advantage of these utilities, the cooperative adds more value to its services, strengthening its partnership with the producers in the region.

The benefits of the NUCOFFEE program go beyond this. The cooperative in turn becomes better associated with international best practices, making it more renowned in the market. During commercialization, NUCOFFEE has a commitment to highlight the role of the cooperative, also taking its story to buyers around the world.

Join us in this initiative. Get in contact with one of Syngenta’s representatives and count on the NUCOFFEE program to bring real evolution to your region and cooperatives.