NUCOFFEE is a program created by Syngenta, world-leader in agribusinesses who has always played a fundamental role in the sustainable development of coffee production in Brazil and the world.
NUCOFFEE operates in all parts of the coffee chain, promoting the integration between producers, cooperatives, and roasters through the commercialization of distinguished-quality coffees.

NUCOFFEE offers to producers and cooperatives a series of services to support them in the improvement of quality and in best practices for cultivation, at the same time helping create closer relationships between the demand and the origins of coffee.

Roasters have access to an ethical product, reflecting our commitment with the acknowledgement of the source and of producer, creating a true cycle of evolution that is strengthened by each partnership we create.

“NU” is a modern way to abbreviate “new”, in English.

NUCOFFEE is a new way to bring together the coffee chain.
Simpler, more human, and more transparent.

Each initiative of the program is guided by three core pillars that promote the evolution of coffee production and commercialization: SUPPORT, TRACEABILITY, AND COMMITMENT.In the following pages and on the social networks you will have the opportunity to see how we are making a difference to producers and roasters from the whole world.

Become a part of this great initiative. Welcome to NUCOFFEE.