Nucoffee will be present at Specialty Coffee Expo 2022

Specialty Coffee Expo 2022

Nucoffee catches the world's eyes with Brazilian coffee and has a confirmed presence at the largest specialty coffee fair of North America. SCA (Specialty Coffee Expo) is happening on April 8-10, in Boston, USA. 

SCA will be attended by over 400 representatives of coffee chain from around the globe who are going to show the latest technologies for the sector and will trade information with each other. In Expo’s lounge, the visitors can interact with professionals, including roasters, retailers, producers, importers and baristas.
The Cupping and Tasting Rooms are to provide the opportunity to experiment coffees produced at different regions of the planet, at the same time, the Roaster Village & Market will bring roasters and customer-facing products to the Activities Hall, along with Best New Product Competition.

Those who are looking for information will be able to participate in lectures given by specialists in the sector, as well as the workshops and courses included in the educational program of SCA, which covers a large range of interesting topics for the chain coffee professionals.

In order to resume on-site activities, the SCA has as priority to offer a safe experience to visitors and exhibitors concerning the pandemic. Therefore, varied sanitary measures will be taken, including social distance, intensified hygiene and cleaning, sampling regulation and more. 

The registration for SCA 2022 is already open! To sign up, access

Have a great experience with Nucoffee

At this worldwide event, Nucoffee is representing Brazilian coffee production, one of the most traditional and developed systems of specialty coffees.
Come visit the Nucoffee booth at SCA and have a unique experience with Brazilian coffee. Look for booth 948! Resolve your doubts, talk with our specialists and seize the opportunity to appreciate the specialty coffees we produce, which have superior quality and flavor.

Moreover, Nucoffee booth offers another differentials, such as:

  • lecture with exclusive content;
  • cafeteria with the best coffee ever;
  • special coffee offer.

Constantly pursuing more quality and more sustainability on coffee growing process, Nucoffee has two projects that you will know more about at SCA Expo booth 948, which are:

Thus, Nucoffee believes in the capability of Brazilian coffee grower to produce top quality grains. To do this, we act based on three pillars: productivity, quality and connection.

Although it is challenging, our role is to connect coffee growers from all over the world, not only pretending to make new business, but aiming long-term partnerships.
Thereby, Nucoffee is alongside the coffee grower, recognizing and valorizing each effort devoted to farming. By disclosing information about crop’s technologies, technical guidelines and references, Nucoffee wishes to improve its work day by day, so Brazilian coffee beans become a benchmark in quality for the world. Our presence at SCA is one more step towards this objective.

Meet Nucoffee: quality coffee across borders

Over the years, Nucoffee has participated directly in the Brazilian coffee quality evolution, standardizing processes through advanced cultivation technologies, and the result is the possibility of opening new markets.

This constant search for innovation makes coffee a product which connects the current experiences at farming to the origin of the crop in Brazil, figuring out that the commercial relation goes far beyond the borders of buying and selling the best coffee beans.

That’s why Nucoffee is so proud about integrating producers who make the difference inside and outside the field. Flavor, quality and recognition are among the duties that compose Nucoffee projects.

Access the Nucoffee platform and have a differentiated experience!