Smart Production, transparent process and quality delivery.

Smart Production

We believe there are some crucial elements for coffee growers who intend to stand out in the market. Firstly and foremost, there has to be a good product. This is unquestionable. Having a complete portfolio available makes all the difference for those who want an above-average quality crop. That brings us to the second element: be recalled. Or rather, be positively recalled. That's how Nucoffee works and that's how our coffee-grower partners achieve excellent results.

Our product portfolio allied to our quality recognition, makes the day-to-day of coffee growers more productive and their year much more profitable. These are just two of Nucoffee's Five Moments of Value. Today we will focus on three of them, which are essential for your business. If you need more details about them, you might refer to our article on these moments here. Which, by the way, has helped many producers to provide the best coffee and be recognized for it.

Another way to recognize our producing partners is through early deliveries. While in some locations, the coffee grower suffers discounts when decides to deliver coffee days ahead of schedule, with Nucoffee he does not pay anything and even is offered a discount that can reach 2.5%. This is because we have an excellent crop and, above all, we are prepared to receive the best in quality and meet the most stringent demands. Maximum support and benefits for coffee-grower partners.

This has only been possible thanks to the work and transparency practiced by Nucoffee with coffee producers and roasters. Therefore, Nucoffee recognizes each coffee grower by awarding the Traceability Award, which provides information ranging from planting to the sale of coffee in a transparent environment. The traceability we talked about here goes beyond the farm gate. It follows the whole history of the bean, how it was produced, the conditions of the farm, everything. A process that we take very seriously. This is how we strengthen our commitment to the coffee chain, offering quality and safe food. In addition, it is through traceability that we reward coffee growers like Mr. Vitor Penido de Barros, from Fazenda Pau do Monjolo in Itapecerica-MG. For him, a big surprise. For Nucoffee, the recognition of a great job.

Crop after crop, Nucoffee has been offering coffees and meeting the varied market demands. With the growing search for quality, Nucoffee is always prepared to serve those interested. Thus, the roaster receives the coffee quickly and the producer sells the surplus of that production. Hence, we build an excellent connection between them, decrease the likelihood of losing big businesses and reward our coffee grower partners for delivery.

This is all part of the journey we experience with each coffee grower and roaster through our Moments of Value. However, we don't stop innovating. We continue to seek innovations that make sense for all links in the coffee producing chain, without leaving anyone out. Because it is through the innovation that we find the best paths in the search for competitive differentials. In the end, this means more quality in the processes, products, businesses and cups of thousands and thousands of lovers for the coffee Nucoffee represents.