Nucoffee's Recognition Caravan: Be recognized for what you do.


In 2020, we have already started the “Nucoffee’s Recognition Caravan” project, which will distribute throughout more than 20 cooperatives, from 3 states, values ​​in excess of R$ 14,000,000.00 (fourteen million reais, approximately US $ 3,5 million), benefiting thousands of professionals.

The main objective of our Caravan is to recognize our partners experiences through the “5 Moments of Value” (find out the pillars of the program here) and to acknowledge the producers and professionals that overachieved the challenges during the harvest period. In this sense, the Caravans presents new technologies and programs, such as “Café Nutracêutico” and “Nucoffee Artisans”. (learn more here).

We invited Mr.Devanir Rossini, producer from the Chapadão de Ferro region, for a brief interview about his partnership with Nucoffee and the impacts of the “Nucoffee’s Recognition Caravan”.

We always had the incentive and support as we always used Syngenta products and, with that, we are able to add value to our products., says Mr.Rossini, which produces special coffees with a later maturation period. The benefits are seenbased on direct exchange” and also on the traceability of their production: “all the plots of our coffee are traceable and with this our product is noticed not only nationally, but also internationally.”.

Nucoffee’s Recognition Caravan” is a reflection of the producers' commitment. The platform allows for scalable benefits, which can be improved year over year, and allows producers who do not yet work with Nucoffee the possibility of a return on their investment and innovation opportunities to improve the quality of their coffee. In the words of Mr. Rossini:

We make use of all the products they supply and we are very satisfied with what we are achieving. Today we were contemplated by the quality product we produce. This is an incentive not only for me, but for all coffee producers who want to remain firm, strong and recognized. This is not a privilege that I get, but it is a privilege that everyone can achieve. Being in a place that produces fine coffees and that has partners who support us, that encourage and help us. This is what we need: to be recognized for what we do. ”.

The results and benefits of the program are also visible in other farms and regions, as attested by Mr.Carlos Eduardo Senju, another producer contemplated by the project:

“… 60 producers recognized in Araguari is a sign of reliability and that Syngenta is working dynamically to improve the earnings of producers with these benefits. The exchange is great, it gives you financial peace of mind! With Nucoffee we are not at the mercy of market variations.”.

Mr.Ojacir Antunes and his daughters also commented on the initiative: Nucoffee brings visibility for both the region and producers, and values ​​people who have been in the market for so long .... this motivates us to constantly improve the quality of what we produce ... after this prize we are working happier. This is a program where everyone wins and we have been with Syngenta for 20 years as we trust their products and we value these benefits..

Find out how to participate in the “5 Moments of Value” program by clicking here and, as Mr. Devanir Rossini says, “to be recognized for what you do.”.