Nucoffee returns of more than R$ 17 million for the coffee production chain

Nucoffee returns of more than 17 million for the coffee production chain

The platform connects the coffee grower with the world, always preserving his/her identity and recognizing the quality of the beans. 

Syngenta, through the Nucoffee platform and alongside its partners, cooperatives and dealers values ​​and recognizes the commitment of the Brazilian coffee grower

In 2020, the numbers represented a record for this initiative: more than R $ 17 million were returned to the coffee production chain in the form of recognition and appreciation of quality, in addition to the commitment to deliver coffee from the barter offer and the true transparency that the producer has to use information from all stepsof production through the Full Traceability program - Nucoffee. 

This entire journey that the coffee grower goes through is called “Five moments of Nucoffee value”. Within this path, the platform has achieved in the last year a significant increase in participating partners and producers, reaching more than 40% of new Nucoffee experiences . This shows the success of the program, which stands out for adding the best solutions to obtain superior quality coffee. 

Even with a challenging year and the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the producers and partners of the Nucoffee platform exceeded expectations and closed 2020 with a flourish, proving that improvements in processes through the 5 Moments of Value are favorable for the coffee production chain, always to raise the level of Brazilian coffee in the world, creating promising connections with the global market ”, explains Diego Ribeiro, Nucoffee Marketing Coordinator.

Nucoffee conecta o cafeicultor com o mundo, sempre preservando a sua identidade e reconhecendo a qualidade dos grãos


5 Moments of Nucoffee Value: connection with transparency and recognition for quality

Valuing the important stages of production with a focus on improving processes and modernizing crops provides increased productivity and, consequently, profitability. Following the requirements of the 5 Moments of Value, producers receive the return of these achievements in benefits throughout the year. 

See what these 5 Moments of Value are:

1 . Offer attractiveness: through the partnership with Syngenta, the producer has access to the complete portfolio to guarantee maximum protection against pests and diseases through the Barter modality, with the objective of guaranteeing production and also increasing crop productivity.

Com Nucoffee, produtor tem acesso ao portfólio completo

2 . Premium for Quality: its verification is carried out by issuing an extraction report delivered to the producer. This document presents all the sensory and physical characteristics of the lot, which clearly demonstrate the quality achieved. In 2020, the recognized quality returned more than R$ 7.5 million to producers and partners.

Qualidade do café é comprovada

3 . Premium for Anticipation: to producers who commit to deliver their lots originated in Barter in advance, they receive premiums that value their coffee. Last year, there were more than 800 producers and partners that, together, represented more than R$ 2.8 million.

Produtores recebem ágios que valorizam o seu café

4 . Premium for Traceability: the recognition, at this moment, is due to the effort and total transparency of the coffee grower in producing safe food. Show the origin of each lot from end to end, bringing even more value to the market. This is the essence of the platform , seeking a connection with transparency while preserving the identity and history of each Nucoffee coffee grower.   We closed 2020, reaching R$ 7 million and recognizing more than 900 partners and producers.

Reconhecimento pelo esforço e total  transparência do cafeicultor em produzir alimento seguro

5 .  Surplus sales producers who participate in all previous moments of value can sell the surplus of their production to Nucoffee, which provides connections and opportunities for greater appreciation of coffee in the international market. 

Conexões e oportunidades de uma maior valorização do café

Syngenta and Nucoffee: a successful partnership

Brazilian coffee is undergoing a great evolution in terms of quality, the result of hard work, dedication and focus of the producer. Syngenta, through the Nucoffee platform, is at the side of the coffee grower in this great revolution, bringing the coffee chain closer through the transparent connection of producers with the international market, which seeks quality, safe practices and traceability. Come experience this journey and let Nucoffee surprise you.