Nucoffee participates in the International Coffee Week 2019 as sponsor and exhibitor


From November 20 to 22, Nucoffee will participate in the major Brazilian coffee industry event and one of the largest in the world: the 2019 International Coffee Week (ICW). The meeting, which is in its seventh edition, takes place in Belo Horizonte, at Expominas, and is a great display of coffee market, consumption, knowledge, innovation, business and entrepreneurship.

Along with coffee growers, roasters, graders, exporters, and all those who work in the coffee segment, as well as coffee lovers, of course, Nucoffee will get to know and present the latest news on the future of coffee.

In this edition, besides participating as an exhibitor at the stand “E06 - Syngenta / Nucoffee” during the three days of the event, Nucoffee will promote a cupping room, “Gquality Nucoffee”, on November 21 from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

In addition, on November 21 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Nucoffee will hold a debate on “Coffee chain traceability”, at the Market Intelligence Room of ICW. The discussion will cover the sustainability in coffee culture, with emphasis on the importance of traceability to meet the demands for specialty coffees in the Brazilian and International markets. 

Isabela Raposeiras from Coffee Lab; Marcus Young from Boot Coffee Campus (California, USA); Niwton Castro Moraes from the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Minas Gerais; Ana Carolina Alves Gomes from FAEMG System will participate in the debate, which will be mediated by Juan Gimenes from Syngenta (Nucoffee Platform).

Photo: International Coffee Week 2018

Highlights of ICW 2019 

ICW will hold 25 simultaneous activities, including seminars, courses for tasters, roasters and specialists, workshops, cupping sessions.  It will also highlight the traditional annual meeting of the International Women´s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Brazil, which will host representatives from 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries, and the Coffee of the Year (COY) contest, which will award the best coffee bean of the season, and elect the highlights of the year in the Arabica and Robusta categories. 

Last year alone, an estimated total of $42 million new businesses started during the event among the 20,000 visitors from 78 different countries and from all Brazilian regions. 

In addition to the Coffee of the Year, which, on the last day of the event will announce the champions to the visitors at the main auditorium, and the relevant meeting of IWCA, Nucoffee highlights some interesting activities for those who intend to attend the event. Are they:

- DNA Café: Panels and roundtable discussions led by renowned Brazilian and foreign professionals, addressing business, entrepreneurship, roasting, coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, successful cases and field challenges. 

- Sustainable Coffee Forum: Discussion panels on the practices used in the National and International coffee industry and the future projects and actions addressing social, environmental and economic sustainability in the coffee segment.

- Torra Experience: Workshops given by coffee industry professionals addressing coffee roasting trends and practices. 

- Cafeteria Modelo: The event features the technical training for entrepreuners and guidance on business planning. It offers practical workshops on roasting and tasting, tips on how to set up a coffee shop and discusses different coffee preparation methods.

- Café da Semana: Project designed to value and encourage the consumption of specialty coffees, involving 33 coffee shops in Belo Horizonte.

Additional Information:

Semana Internacional do Café (SIC) 2019
Date: November 20 to 22, 2019
Venue: Expominas (Av. Amazonas, 6200 - Gameleira - Belo Horizonte – MG/ Brasil)
Time: From 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM
For subscription and information:
Facebook and Twitter: @semanadocafe
Instagram: @semanainternacionaldocafe