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Five Moments of Value: how Nucoffee can do more for you and your farm


Concern. Care. Transparency. These are the fundamentals of our Five Moments of Value.

Through a fully differentiated perspective, the Five Moments of Value enrich the producer and his coffee at all business stages, offering advantages - along the value chain - to all participating coffee growers.

“No matter if you are a large or small producer, with the program Five Moments of Value, your work will be recognized, increasing your productivity and profitability”, explained Roberta Armentano, Nutrade Business Manager.

To participate, the producer must make use of Syngenta´s products and join Nucoffee. From there on, he/she may already enjoy all the advantages offered by Nucoffee's Five Moments of Value.

But, what are the differentials of this program and how the producers have been benefiting in practice?



- Moment 1: Offer Attractiveness 

At each crop, enjoy the benefits using Syngenta´s products

At our first moment, the producer learn about our complete portfolio through the Barter platform. Nucoffee has an agronomic offer with high tech and effective Syngenta’s products, aiming at increasing the crop productivity.

The use of the products, added to the payment through exchange - even enabling the exchange for up to 3 years - guarantees the producer a reduced exchange ratio, negotiated every year.

Marcos Oliveira, from Fazenda Paineiras, is one of dozens of producers who benefit from this logistics. 

“Within a year you have a normal appreciation, in the second the appreciation is higher, and in the third year, you get an even higher value. So we did it for three years, aiming at reducing the investment, and a guarantee with the application of Syngenta´s products to our crop,” stated Oliveira.


- Moment 2: Premium for Quality

Be valued for the quality of your coffee

While many companies work by recognizing the quality of the coffee produced, only Nucoffee recognize it already in the barter offer. 

According to Roberta, this dynamics is possible because a relationship of trust and partnership is built with the coffee farmer.

In addition, one of Nucoffee's major differentials is the issue of an extraction report, which is given to the producer when the sample is delivered and can be used by him/her at any time at their discretion. The document lists all batch characteristics. Roberta also explains that, at this stage, the coffee farmer does not get a simple benefit; he/she gains transparency. "The report helps to prove that, when Nucoffee informs the roaster that any premium paid by him/her will return to the producer, it is through this cycle of benefits that the premium will return."

One of the producers who obtained big returns after investing in the quality of their coffee, achieved with Syngenta's products, was Frederico Lobão, from Fazenda Pau do Monjolo. He reminded that in one of his exchanges the high quality production achieved assured him a significant reduction in the number of bags delivered. 
“It was a very pleasant surprise to produce a coffee with a higher quality than that of the contract, and obtain appreciation as a result of that,” said Lobão.


- Moment 3: Premium for Anticipation

Incentive to the anticipation of your accounts

In this third moment, Nucoffee evaluates the producer share, that is, the ratio - size in hectares and productivity x quantity of Syngenta products acquired. 
“The more he uses Syngenta´s products, the greater is his share. And that will be recognized,” stated Roberta.

Based on this calculation, and on a spreadsheet yearly defined, Nucoffee calculates this incentive percentage. Thus, those who meet the deadlines defined in the program Five Moments of Value, obtain different benefit percentages, according to their share.

According to Roberta, when the producer pays in advance, as soon as the crop begins, he is free to proceed to the rest of his negotiations, besides benefiting from receiving more for his coffee.

 “Because it was delivered in July, one month in advance, and since I am a diamond customer, my coffee was appreciated most through the program Five Moments of Value,” celebrated Marco Túlio Costa, from Fazenda Cerâmica.

Like all other producers who had their product appreciated by the anticipated delivery, Costa is already thinking of his future deliveries. "This makes us increase the challenge for next year, trying to get a better harvest and a higher quality post-harvest, aiming at a recognition at the end," commented the coffee farmer.

- Moment 4: Premium for Traceability

Incentives for the transparency of your production process

The premium for traceability is a recognition for the transparency and food safety effort. 

Being able to trace the identity of coffee increases the product value for the roasters, who are interested in the trajectory of coffee beans and the history of coffee producers and farms.

In order to engage and receive the premium, the producer must meet some simple and pre-specified steps. 

Lobão and Oliveira followed the steps and received a direct deposit into their account. "It was a very good surprise to receive an additional premium at the end of the year," pointed out Lobão.



- Moment 5: Surplus Sale

Your coffee with the highest appreciation in the international market

Finally, the producers who participate in the program Five Moments of Value may still sell their surplus production to Nucoffee. 

“When selling to us, they will sell this coffee at the best value in the international market, because we will get this best and deliver the whole premium. Thus, the better the coffee, the higher value for the surplus they will sell”, emphasized Roberta.

For Costa, for example, this was the best news, since, according to him, besides producing a good recognized coffee of award-winning quality, he was awarded the right to sell his surplus to Nucoffee.

“My coffee lot ended up with a lower volume of bags than the initial price. It was the best deal of the year, because I sold the bag of coffee at a more attractive value than the real price at the time,” stated the producer.

According to Roberta, all these moments were designed to fit in and provide added benefits and recognition to Nucoffee partner farmers. According to her, by adding up all the benefits, the producer may also conclude that Syngenta's products bring even more advantages to their crops and harvest.


Get ready for 2020

Next year schedule of the program “Five Moments of Value” is already defined and available to all interested parties, as well as the benefits planned for the period.

Please contact Nucoffee to learn about the details for participation and reap the rewards of a production of excellence.