Coffee consumption is good for your health: myth or truth?

Coffee consumption is good for your health: myth or truth?

Coffee is that type of drink that those who love it, can’t be without! Not surprisingly, Brazil accounts for one third of the world production and, among the countries that most consume coffee in the world, it is second only to the United States.

In addition to the constant presence on the daily lives of Brazilians, coffee is a study material in science. Based on relevant research, several benefits - but also cautions regarding excessive consumption - of the drink were discovered.

Coffee in the right dose

Being a stimulant drink, the ideal is not to overdo the daily amount of consumption, especially at night, as it can disrupt sleep. It is recommended that coffee be taken in the morning, preferably in the first hour after waking up - and the rest of the cups, at intervals of two hours.

However, the right dose depends on each person and each organism: some need more coffee to satisfy themselves, while for others, a single cup is enough. Always observe the stimuli in your body and, if you find that you are exaggerating, decrease the amount.

And yes, coffee is good for your health! Below is the result of two important studies carried out in different locations around the world, released by Abic (Brazilian Association of the Coffee Industry):

The benefits of coffee

Abic also brings some important data about the benefits of regular coffee consumption as prevention and reduction of the risks of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson and Alzheimer. See the infographic below: 

Study of coffee
Other than that, some studies show that coffee can be a great ally of the brain, protecting it against cognitive deficiencies and increasing reasoning skills. This shows that the benefits go far beyond the taste of a good cup of coffee.

In agribusiness, the development of new technologies and platforms in coffee growing increasingly raises the quality of the grain produced, contributing not only to good harvests, but also to the health of the population. 

Brazilian coffee connected with the world

Café brasileiro conectado com o mundo

Brazil is the largest coffee exporter in the world - but, in addition to good productivity, the quality of the beans is essential for good negotiations in the foreign market. 

This relationship between Brazilian coffee and other parts of the world is due to the superior quality and experience of the producers, as well as the integration between coffee growers and roasters who establish a link between origin and world demand. 

Nucoffee is a Syngenta platform that connects the Brazilian producer to the international market by promoting access to advanced technologies, guidelines and technical references for more than 4 thousand national farms. In this way, it provides the best conditions for the cultivation of differentiated coffees, offering high consistency in the result and the relationship with new markets.

Access the website and see how innovative initiatives, such as Nucoffee, increasingly contribute to the quality and connection of national coffee with the world.